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Dive Center in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Cenotes.

 Ananda Divers, your dive Center in Playa del Carmen we offer:

We offer guided dives in the see of Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, also cenote cavern and cave dives.

In addition  PADI-certified courses from beginner’s Open Water Diver certification to advanced courses like Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

As well as, for advance levels, TDI courses such as: sidemount, cavern, intro to cave and full cave.


Your Playa del Carmen Dive Center 

In fact for your  comfort we are located in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

And love what we do, so we share it with passion and professionalism. So our friendly and multilingual staff will be ready to assist you.


Safety first

Groups of divers are small to provide personalized attention, keep safety, and minimize environmental impact.

In conclusion, Ananda dive center in Playa del Carmen, we look to have fun while prioritizing safety, education, and responsible diving practices.


Come and dive with us

Into the increrible reef of Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, or under the amaizing Cenotes of Yucatan area.

cenote mexico cave diving caver diving cenotes yucatan scuba cenote snorkel cenote sink hole

PADI open water diving courses

A PADI course is a scuba diving training program offered by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI); in other words a professional, will help you develop knowledge and skills to dive safely.

In addition

Upon successful completion of the course, as a result you will receive a globally recognized certification; from your Dive Center in Playa del Carmen Ananda divers.

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dicovery scuba diving<br />
bautismo de buceo en el mar<br />
primer buceo<br />
explora el mundo submarino<br />

Discovery scuba diving

  • The Discovery Scuba Diving, is a beginner’s experience, allowing to anybody to try scuba diving.
  • Under the supervision
    of a professional instructor.
  • Consists on a brief orientation, basic skill practice in confined water, and 2 shallow open water dives.
open water diver wreck diving ocean diving playa del carmen cozumel dive

Open water diver course

  • The Open Water Diver course provides comprehensive scuba diving training.
  • It includes theory lessons, practical skill practice in confined water, and 4 open water dives to demonstrate proficiency. 
nitrox course<br />
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aire enriquecido<br />
 enrich air<br />

Nitrox course

Do the course Nitrox enriched air

offers several advantages for divers like:

  • Extended Bottom Time
  • Reduced Nitrogen Exposure
  • Shorter Surface Intervals
  • Safety Margin:
wreck diving in playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen dive center and Cozumel fast trip 

Second largest coral reef system in the world is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (also known as the Great Mayan Reef). As well this reef system measure a 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

Key Features of  Diving here are:

  • Vibrant Coral Reefs
  • Drift Diving:
  • Naturals caverns and Swim-Throughs,
  • Crystal clear Visibility
  • Divers Marine Life

Find out with us in Ananda Divers your dive Center in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Full of marine life and two schedules available daily


Famous for his natural caverns and
drift diving

Nigth dive

Discover the wonders that happen during the night

Bull shark diving

Minimum 20 Dives or Advance Certification and just on season

Cenote diving

Diving in Cenotes is a unique and incredible form of diving; the cenotes, are natural sinkholes or underwater caves, mostly found it in regions like Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

As a matter of fact, the cenotes are located in the jungle; in other words it’s quite an new world.

      Diving  in Cenotes offers

      Cenote diving is one of a kind in diving experience, allowing divers to explore the hidden wonders of the Earth’s.

      Finally because the unique challenges involved, we provide proper training and guidance from experienced cave diving instructors to ensure safety and preservation of these fragile environments.

      Minimum certification required open water diver.

      Dos Ojos

      All Diving Levels

      Dream Gate

      Minimum 20 Dives or Advance Certification

      The Pit

      Minimum 20 Dives or Advance Certification


      Minimum 20 Dives or Advance Certification

      For safe cenote diving

      • Groupof maximum  4 divers per guide
      • Always on  the reach of natural light
      • Air consumption: Adherence to the rule of thirds (2/3 for exploration, 1/3 as reserve)
      • Depth limit: Maximum depth of 30 m
      • Distance limit: Maximum distance from the surface is 60 m
      • No narrow passages.
      • Visibility: Minimum visibility of 12 m
      • Lighting: Each diver equipped with at least one dive light
      • Expert guidance: Our guide is a professional cave diver with extensive local experience.

      Cave Diving

      One-day cave diving expeditions.

      only for certified cave divers, if you do not have this certification we also have the complete course, in the courses section.

      which is a type of scuba diving that takes place in underwater caves and cenotes, particularly popular in regions like Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and Florida’s cave systems.



      Cenote Diving Adventures

      Immerse yourself in the mystical cenotes of Mexico and experience the thrill of cenote diving. Explore stunning underwater caves, swim among awe-inspiring rock formations, and discover the hidden wonders of these natural sinkholes.

      Cave Diving Expeditions

      Embark on an extraordinary cave diving expedition and witness the breathtaking beauty of underwater caves. Dive into the depths of mysterious caverns, navigate through intricate passages, and encounter stunning geological formations found nowhere else on Earth.

      Bull Shark Encounters

      Dive with the majestic bull sharks and experience the adrenaline rush of encountering these powerful creatures up close. Witness their graceful movements, observe their natural behavior, and gain a deep appreciation for these magnificent apex predators.

      Whale Shark Excursions

      Join us for an unforgettable whale shark excursion and swim alongside the gentle giants of the sea. Experience the awe-inspiring presence of these magnificent creatures, witness their colossal size, and create lifelong memories in their majestic presence.


      Dive Center in Playa del Carmen

      The snorkel activity is a popular water activity that allows individuals to explore the underwater world while floating on the surface of the water.

      It is a simple and accessible alternative to scuba diving, after all requiring minimal equipment and trainin.

      snorkeling whaleshark

      Whale shark encounter

      • Swim with the biggest fish in the world in a safe environment
      • Available with transportation throughout the Riviera Maya
      • Price from 2500 mexican pesos
      snorkel sea turttle

      Snorkeling in the ocean

      • Snorkel in the second largest reef in the world
      • Enjoy a great diversity of marine life
      • Staring price 1500 mexican pesos per person
      snorkel cenote

      Cenote snorkeling

      • Discover the magic world of Xibalba
      • Immerse yourself in the Mayan jungle
      • Price from 2000 mexican pesos per person
      • Private tours

      Our Divers Testimonials

      joannes mathieu
      joannes mathieu
      September 6, 2023
      Si estás buscando un centro de buceo de alta calidad, te recomiendo Ananda Divers!
      Elm Place Parking Rental
      Elm Place Parking Rental
      September 2, 2023
      Absolutely loved the experience! Very professional and knowledgeable about the area. Truly cares about making you feel comfortable inside and outside of the ocean making the experience very enjoyable!
      September 1, 2023
      Alejandra es fantástica, certificó a unos amigos y por eso la conocí, es lo mejor que he vivido en buceo, ella conoce lugares maravillosos y su experiencia permite disfrutar cada momento, los recorridos son inigualables recuerdos para toda la vida.
      Yolanda Sanchez
      Yolanda Sanchez
      September 1, 2023
      Excelente guía, el recorrido súper Bien, lo mejor que he visto y vivido en el buceo, Alejandra tiene muchísima experiencia y conocimientos que hacen amar el buceo, quiero regresar ahí y con ella definitivamente.
      Claudia Hamed
      Claudia Hamed
      August 30, 2023
      Es una profesional en lo que hace, amena y una persona de calidad! Súper recomendada!
      August 29, 2023
      An amazing experience of diving with Ananda Divers. The guide was so professional and helpful, very patient and informative about what to expect all the time. I will gladly look for them again on my next diving trips
      Fausto Rodriguez
      Fausto Rodriguez
      August 29, 2023
      Se las recomiendo a la Alejandra ,soy capitán e hecho buceo con ella en los arrecifes , arcos barco hundido, cerebros , tanto como en los cenotes dos ojos , super la pasarán es buena honda
      Alejandra Kalbfleisch
      Alejandra Kalbfleisch
      August 29, 2023
      Alejandra is the best ever! My husband and I enjoyed the diving like never before. Thank you Alejandra for the unique and wonderful experience!

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