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We Breathe Happiness

My name is Alejandra García, I currently direct a diving operation where I try to transmit my passion, knowledge and respect for the environment considering the specific needs and tastes of each one.

my career as a recreational and technical diving instructor.
It took me to explore countries in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian seas; accumulating thousands of dives along the way, but after a few years I decided to return to my beautiful Mexican land for its unique submerged caves.

My passion for diving arose at an early age, from the first dive I knew it was my calling.
After years of experience as an open water instructor I then delved into technical diving to further expand the limits of exploration.

But my journey is not just about personal achievements; It was about sharing my passion and knowledge with others.
As an instructor, I have dedicated myself not only to teaching the fundamentals of diving but also to instilling in my students a deep respect for the marine environment. For me, conservation is not just a buzzword: it is a way of life.

Whether I’m leading a group of novice divers on their first underwater adventure or guiding seasoned enthusiasts through intricate cave systems, my commitment remains the same: fostering a culture of conservation and stewardship within the diving community. Because I believe that by fostering an appreciation for beauty and fragility, we can inspire future generations to protect it for years to come.


During each dive, we make it a point to raise awareness among our buddies about the significance of our behavior and actions towards the environment, if they allow us to do so. This is to ensure the preservation of these natural treasures for many more years to come. We strive to protect and cherish these precious gems, promoting their longevity and sustainability. Together, let’s dive into a world of consciousness and create a lasting impact on our underwater playground.


Our goal is to form a brotherhood 
that encompasses divers of all levels. 
We are lucky to share the experience of 
exploring these ecosystems, where the 
impact of humanity has been less severe 
compared to others. It is believed that 
lifearose in the water billions of years 
Let's explore together this extraordinary 
environment that has stood the test of 

Pit Cenote

Angelita Cenote

Dos Ojos Cenote

Eden Cenote

Car Wash Cenote

Tajma Ha Cenote

Drems Gate Cenote