Advance open water diver course

improve your skills and knowledge

Advance open water diver course

The Advanced Open Water Diver course typically includes five dives, each focusing on a different aspect of diving. Unlike the Open Water Diver course, there is no formal classroom session. Instead, the course emphasizes practical experience, with knowledge reviews and briefings conducted before each dive.

                                         Required Dives

  1. Deep Dive: This dive teaches you how to plan and execute dives to a deeper depth, usually between 18 and 30 meters (60 to 100 feet). You’ll learn about the physiological effects of deeper diving and the considerations needed for deeper dive planning.
  2. Underwater Navigation Dive: This dive focuses on improving your underwater navigation skills. You’ll practice using a compass, natural navigation techniques, and learn to estimate distances underwater.

                                           Elective Dives

In addition to the required dives, you can choose three elective dives based on your interests and the available options at your dive location. Some popular elective dives include:

  1. Night Dive: Experience the underwater world after dark and learn to use dive lights and navigate in low visibility conditions.
  2. Wreck Dive: Explore shipwrecks and learn the techniques for safe wreck penetration and navigation.
  3. Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive: Improve your buoyancy control, which is essential for conserving air, reducing fatigue, and protecting delicate marine environments.
  4. Fish Identification Dive: Learn about local marine life and techniques for identifying different species of fish and other aquatic creatures.

                                       Course Benefits

Completing the Advanced Open Water Diver course increases your confidence and enhances your diving skills, making you a more proficient and versatile diver. You will be certified to dive to depths of up to 30 meters (100 feet), opening up new dive sites and experiences. Additionally, this certification serves as a prerequisite for many specialized diving courses, such as Rescue Diver and various specialty dives.


The Advanced Open Water Diver course is an excellent way to take your diving to the next level. It provides valuable experience and training, allowing you to explore more challenging and exciting underwater environments with increased safety and enjoyment.


Important information

  • Duration:  2 or 3 days
  • Daily Schedule:  8:00am to 3:00 pm 
  • Prerequisite:
    • Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent
    • Provide proof of an Open Water Scuba Diver 
    • Proof of 25 logged dives


  • Entrance fee to the cenotes and boat ride 
  • Weights, gear, tanks
  • Snacks & Drinks 


Does not include study material to take home, can be purchased digitally.