Cenotes for advanced divers

iIncredible cenotes with features like depth, or amaizing passages

Cenote diving for advanced divers.

The following cenotes are deep or a little demanding in terms of buoyancy, so highly we recommend a minimum of 20 dives or advanced diver certification.

If you don’t have those requirements but you really want to go, we can also take you on a deep adventure dive with an extra class. ALL THIS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY


Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure at Cenote Angelita!

Depth: Maximum 30  meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Located 17 km south of Tulum, Cenote Angelita is a truly unique and extraordinary cenote experience.

This enigmatic circular cenote boasts an impressive depth of around 60 meters and holds a mystical layer of hydrogen sulfide at approximately 30 meters, creating the illusion of a massive cloud.

From this intriguing cloud, tree trunks and what appears to be an island emerge, while beneath lies the captivating saltwater layer. The darkness adds to the sensation of being in a nocturnal forest, making it a truly mesmerizing sight to behold.

As Cenote Angelita reaches a considerable depth, it is best suited for experienced divers seeking a thrilling dive adventure. Join us for an unforgettable exploration into the depths of Cenote Angelita.

Dream Gate

Explore the Dreamlike Cenote Dreamsgate!

Experience Level: Advace Divers

Depth: Maximum 9 meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Located approximately 51 km south of Playa del Carmen in the enchanting “Rancho Lagunero,” Cenote Dreamsgate lives up to its name as a true “Gateway to Dreams.”

Dreamsgate offers two mesmerizing dives, one with an ascending current and the other descending.

The descent dive leads us to a small air dome where we can surface. Jungle roots hanging here resemble elephant legs and lend the water an emerald green hue due to the escaping organic acid.

The second dive treats us to a stunning wax-like landscape. Stalactites and stalagmites stretch as far as the eye can see. Referred to as the most beautiful cavern dives in the world, Dreamsgate’s breathtaking beauty rivals any cave that a recreational diver could experience.

Although the maximum depth is 6.5 meters, the fine sediments on the floor and narrow, richly adorned passageways recommend this cenote only for our experienced divers, preserving its pristine beauty.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure at Cenote Dreamsgate.


It is located on the route of the cenotes in Puerto Morelos, around 45 min, from playa it is one of the cenotes that on sunny days offer a spectacular light show, it has a large entrance and crystal clear water that help the rays to penetrate deep into the cenote.

The light is so much and reaches so deep in this immense darkness, that if there was a representation of the elevation to heaven, without a doubt this cenote would be it, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should not miss.

Nicte Ha

Discover the Enchanting Cenote Nicte Ha!

Experience Level: All levels

Depth: Maximum 15 meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Cenote Nicte Ha awaits you, located approximately 53 km south of Playa del Carmen in the breathtaking Ecoparque Dos Ojos. A short dirt road leads us beyond the park’s reception to this wondrous cenote. “Nicte Ha” translates to “Water Flower,” inspired by the beautiful flowers adorning its waters.

With a maximum depth of 8.5 meters, Nicte Ha offers a captivating dive along the guide line, revealing stunning stalactites and stalagmites typical of the Dos Ojos cave system. The varying light conditions and water lilies make Nicte Ha a photographer’s paradise. However, the fine sediment on the floor calls for divers with excellent buoyancy skills.

Embrace the opportunity to explore Cenote Nicte Ha, a hidden gem waiting to be admired. Join us on this unforgettable journey.

The Pit

Dive into the Extraordinary Cenote El Pit!

Experience Level: Experienced Divers

Depth: Maximum 30 meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Unveil the mystery of Cenote El Pit, a diving site like no other!

At 13-15 meters, you’ll encounter the fascinating “Halocline,” a distinct line between freshwater and saltwater that remains separate due to different temperatures and densities.

As you venture to a moderate depth of 30 meters, you’ll witness ghostly trees and branches emerging from the hydrogen sulfide cloud. This surreal cloud is formed by specialized bacteria decomposing organic material at this depth.

Cenote El Pit offers a unique and mesmerizing experience, unmatched anywhere else. Please note that due to its depth and distinctive features, this cenote is recommended for experienced divers.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the wonders of Cenote El Pit! Join us on this unforgettable journey.

Dive deep into the unknown and discover the hidden treasures that await you in this extraordinary underwater realm!

Tak Be Ha

Discover the Enchanting Cenote Tak Be Ha!

Depth: Maximum 15 meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Cenote Tak Be Ha is another gem nestled within the Dos Ojos park, just 50 km south of Playa del Carmen. As you enter the dry cave, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking sight of the dome-shaped ceiling adorned with magnificent stalactites. Soft spotlights illuminate the formations, and the gentle sound of water dripping creates an enchanting atmosphere. It’s truly a spectacle to behold!

The perfectly aligned formations resemble an extraordinary museum of modern art, adding to the allure of this wondrous cenote.

Join us on this unforgettable journey to Cenote Tak Be Ha, where beauty and wonder await you. Experience the magic of this underwater wonderland from just $3,800 mxn per person. Get ready to be mesmerized by the captivating artistry of nature in this extraordinary setting!

Tak Be Luum

Discover the Marvels of Cenote Tak Be Luum!

Depth: Maximum 15 meters

Water Temperature: Constant 26ºC

Located within the enchanting Dos Ojos park, Cenote Tak Be Luum is a mere 45-minute drive from Playa del Carmen towards Tulum.

Upon arrival, a well-constructed platform in the dry cave area leads to the shallow waters of the cenote, where our thrilling adventure begins. Following the guide line, we venture into the open waters of the cenote on a grand circuit. The line guide occasionally crosses the open water, ensuring a delightful and surface-close diving experience throughout the journey.

Tak Be Luum is renowned for its unique formations, which appear as if the cave were sculpted from plastic. This particular beauty can only be admired here, making the cenote truly one-of-a-kind.

As we explore the cenote’s proximity to the surface and its abundance of organic material like leaves, we encounter fascinating blind fish curiously feasting on this natural nourishment. Witness these captivating creatures on nearly every dive.

Join us in the mesmerizing world of Cenote Tak Be Luum for an unforgettable diving experience. From just $3,800 mxn per person, immerse yourself in this extraordinary underwater wonderland filled with intriguing formations and curious inhabitants