Enriched Air Diver course

extend your bottom time, improve your safety, and make your dives more enjoyable.

Enriched Air Diver course

        The Enriched Air Diver course, commonly known as the Nitrox course, is designed for certified divers who want to extend their bottom time and enhance their safety by using enriched air. Enriched air contains a higher percentage of oxygen than regular air, allowing for longer dives without increasing the risk of decompression sickness.

                                      Course Structure

The Enriched Air Diver course typically includes two main components: knowledge development and practical application.

                              Knowledge Development

The theoretical portion of the course covers essential information about diving with enriched air. This includes:

  • Understanding the benefits of using enriched air
  • Managing oxygen exposure
  • Setting up and using your dive computer with enriched air
  • Analyzing the oxygen content of your tank
  • Planning and executing dives with enriched air

You will learn how to handle the specific considerations and risks associated with enriched air diving, such as oxygen toxicity. This knowledge is usually acquired through classroom sessions, independent study, and eLearning modules. The focus is on safe practices and maximizing the benefits of enriched air.

                                 Practical Application

The practical application involves hands-on training, where you will practice the skills necessary for diving with enriched air. This typically includes:

  • Using an oxygen analyzer to verify the oxygen content in your tank
  • Setting your dive computer for enriched air diving
  • Planning dives with enriched air using dive tables and dive computers
  • Executing dives with enriched air, focusing on monitoring your oxygen exposure and nitrogen absorption

Some courses include optional open water dives to practice these skills in a real diving environment, though this is not always required.

                                      Course Benefits

Completing the Enriched Air Diver course allows you to dive with enriched air, which can significantly extend your no-decompression limits, especially on repetitive dives. This means you can enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals. Additionally, diving with enriched air can reduce your overall nitrogen load, which can enhance your safety and reduce post-dive fatigue.


The Enriched Air Diver course is an excellent way for certified divers to enhance their diving experience. By learning to safely use enriched air, you can extend your bottom time, improve your safety, and make your dives more enjoyable. This course is a valuable addition to any diver’s training, offering both practical benefits and increased confidence in the water.