Nigth dive

discover the nocturnal marine life and bioluminescence

Night Dive in Playa del Carmen

Also the night diving experience in Playa del Carmen is truly unforgettable.

By the way during the dives, you will encounter a completely different marine life.

Like moray eels, stingrays, and octopuses are just some of the nocturnal creatures you may come across; besides, the corals will reveal their vibrant colors under the glow of your dive light.

Immersing yourself in this new world.

Night diving in Playa del Carmen

Typically begins approximately half an hour before sunset.

We gather at the port and board the boat. Each diver is equipped with a light.

After a short 5-minute boat ride to one of the shallow dive sites, we prepare during sunset and enter the water.

During the dive, which reaches a maximum depth of 12 meters, communication is exclusively through the light of our dive lights.

The price includes:

  • Guide (small groups)
  • tanks
  • weights
  • snaks and water.

diving equipment is not included

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