Open water diver course

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Open water diving course

The course is the entry-level scuba diving certification course valid worldwide, that introduces you to the exciting world of recreational diving. This course is designed for beginners and provides the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to dive safely in open water environments it takes two or three days; ideally three but we can do intensive days, if you don’t have many days.


The theoretical portion of the open water diving course covers the basics of diving, including diving physics, human body physiology underwater, the use of diving equipment, and safety techniques. Students learn about the importance of buoyancy, underwater communication, and dive planning. This section can be completed through in-person classes, online learning, or a combination of both.

                                Confined Water Sessions

In confined water sessions, typically held in a swimming pool or a similar controlled environment, students practice basic diving skills. This includes setting up the equipment, entering and exiting the water, clearing the mask, recovering the regulator, and controlling buoyancy. These sessions allow students to become familiar with the equipment and techniques in a safe and controlled setting.

                                        Open Water Dives

To complete the open water diving course, students must perform a minimum of four open water dives. These dives take place in a natural setting, such as the ocean or a lake, and allow students to apply the skills they have learned in real-world situations. During these dives, instructors assess students’ competence and ensure they feel comfortable and safe underwater.

Upon successfully completing the Open Water Diver course, students receive an internationally recognized certification that allows them to dive to a depth of 18 meters (60 feet) with a certified buddy. This certification is the first step in exploring the underwater world and opens the door to a wide range of advanced diving activities and courses.

Includes certification and equipment, does not include materials.