Sidemount diver course

gain greater flexibility, improved buoyancy control, and enhanced safety

Sidemount diver course


The Sidemount Diver course is designed for certified divers who want to explore an alternative way of carrying their scuba tanks. Sidemount diving involves positioning the tanks on the sides of the body rather than on the back, offering enhanced flexibility, streamlining, and accessibility. This course teaches you the skills and techniques needed to dive safely and comfortably with a sidemount configuration.

                                       Course Structure

The Sidemount Diver course typically includes three main components: knowledge development, confined water sessions, and open water dives.

                                 Knowledge Development

The theoretical portion of the course covers essential information about sidemount diving, including:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of sidemount diving
  • Equipment configuration and setup
  • Gas management and dive planning
  • Streamlining and buoyancy control
  • Problem-solving techniques specific to sidemount diving

This knowledge is typically acquired through classroom sessions, independent study, and eLearning modules. The focus is on understanding the benefits and proper use of sidemount equipment to enhance your diving experience.

                              Confined Water Sessions

In confined water sessions, usually conducted in a pool or a controlled water environment, you will practice the essential skills needed for sidemount diving. This includes:

  • Properly setting up and adjusting sidemount gear
  • Entering and exiting the water with sidemount tanks
  • Buoyancy control and trim adjustments
  • Switching and managing gas supplies from multiple tanks
  • Handling potential problems and emergencies specific to sidemount diving

These sessions allow you to become comfortable with the new configuration in a safe and controlled environment before progressing to open water dives.

                                     Open Water Dives

The open water portion of the course involves applying your skills in real diving environments. You will typically complete a series of dives focusing on:

  • Perfecting buoyancy and trim
  • Efficiently managing your gas supplies
  • Navigating underwater with sidemount gear
  • Practicing emergency procedures

Instructors assess your ability to dive safely and effectively with a sidemount setup, ensuring you are prepared for various diving conditions.

                                       Course Benefits

Completing the Sidemount Diver course enhances your diving versatility and comfort. Sidemount diving offers improved streamlining, better access to your tanks and valves, and increased redundancy and safety. It also reduces back strain and can be beneficial for divers with back problems.


The Sidemount Diver course is an excellent way to expand your diving skills and explore a new configuration that offers numerous benefits. By learning to dive with a sidemount setup, you gain greater flexibility, improved buoyancy control, and enhanced safety, making your diving experience more enjoyable and versatile.