Tulum, Coba and Cenote excursion

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Tulum, Coba and Cenote 

A Journey Through Ancient Maya History

Tulum, Coba and Cenote excursion:


A stunning coastal city, was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya. Flourishing between the 13th and 15th centuries, Tulum was a significant trading hub, evidenced by its strategic location on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The city’s well-preserved ruins, including the iconic El Castillo, provide a glimpse into the Maya’s architectural and cultural prowess.


On the other hand, was a prominent Maya city from around 600 AD to 900 AD, known for its extensive network of elevated stone roads called sacbeob. At its peak, Coba supported a large population and played a crucial role in regional politics and trade. The city is home to the tallest pyramid in the Yucatán Peninsula, Nohoch Mul, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding jungle.

Why Visit in a Small Group: Visiting Tulum and Coba in a small group ensures a more personalized and immersive experience. With fewer people, you can engage more deeply with knowledgeable guides who provide detailed insights into the history, culture, and significance of these ancient sites. Small groups also allow for a more flexible schedule, giving you ample time to explore and appreciate the ruins without the rush and crowd of larger tours.

Cenote Experience:

After exploring the ruins, a visit to a nearby cenote offers the perfect way to relax and cool off. Cenotes, natural sinkholes filled with crystal-clear water, were sacred to the Maya, who believed they were gateways to the underworld. Swimming in a cenote provides a refreshing experience while connecting you to the ancient Maya’s spiritual world.

Conclusion: A tour of Tulum and Coba, concluding with a swim in a cenote, blends history, adventure, and relaxation. It offers an enriching experience, providing deep insights into the Maya civilization while enjoying the natural beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Important information

  • Duration: 7:00am to 5:00 pm 
  • Daily Schedule: Pickup at 7:00am from Playa del Carmen


We recommend to take with you

  • Swimsuit: Bikini or swimsuit and a change of clothes
  • Sun hat and biodegradable sunscreen
  • comfortable shoes
  • Camera
  • And the best attitude to enjoy


  • Transportation from a pickup point in Playa del Carmen
  • Entrance fee freom Chichen and cenote
  • Oficial guide in the archaeological zone
  • Snacks & Drinks | Lunch

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