Dive Master course

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Dive Master course


The Dive Master course is a professional-level certification designed for experienced divers who want to take the first step towards a career in scuba diving. This course develops your leadership abilities, allowing you to supervise diving activities and assist instructors with student divers. It is a comprehensive and demanding program that combines theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and leadership training.

Course Structure

The Dive Master course typically consists of three main components: knowledge development, water skills and stamina exercises, and practical application.

Knowledge Development

The theoretical portion of the course covers a wide range of topics crucial for a professional diver. This includes:

  • Dive theory: physics, physiology, equipment, and decompression theory
  • The role and characteristics of a Dive Master
  • Supervising dive activities
  • Assisting with student divers in training
  • Dive site management and mapping
  • Conducting dive briefings and leading dives

Knowledge development is usually completed through classroom sessions, independent study, and eLearning modules. Mastery of this information is essential for performing the responsibilities of a Dive Master.

    Skills and Stamina Exercises of the dive master course

The course includes rigorous water skills and stamina exercises to ensure you have the physical capability to handle the demands of the role. This typically involves:

  • Swimming and snorkeling assessments
  • Rescue skills assessment
  • Underwater problem-solving skills
  • Search and recovery exercises
  • Equipment exchange exercises

These exercises are designed to enhance your physical fitness and diving proficiency.

Practical Application

The practical application component involves working with real students and certified divers under the supervision of a course director or instructor. This hands-on experience includes:

  • Conducting dive briefings and leading dives
  • Assisting instructors with training sessions
  • Supervising diving activities and ensuring diver safety
  • Performing dive site setups and managing logistics

Course Benefits

Completing the Dive Master course qualifies you to work as a professional diver, guiding certified divers and assisting instructors. It significantly enhances your diving skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities. This certification is a prerequisite for becoming a scuba instructor and opens the door to various career opportunities in the dive industry.


The Dive Master course is a comprehensive and challenging program that prepares you for a professional career in scuba diving. It equips you with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to lead and supervise diving activities, making you a key player in the diving community.



  • Certification

Important information


  • Does not include materials SDI or PADI

  • Minimum two weeks to complete the course
  • Prerequisite: rescue and first aid course completed